Happy and naughty shark coloring page

Happy and naughty shark


The Happy and naughty shark coloring page is completely free to print and download. You can then print it from the print shark picture button under the coloring page. One of the most distinctive features of sharks is that their teeth renew themselves in certain periods and they breathe through 5-7 gill slits.

Happy and naughty shark

A shark's skin also has properties worth examining. The shark's skin consists of a collection of scales that act as the exoskeleton for the fish species. This, together with the fish's cartilage tissue, allows the shark to move easily through the ocean and conserve energy when it is needed most. Sharks, like other fish, have gills to breathe underwater. They usually have about five to seven gill slits located on either side of their body. These gills filter the ocean water to obtain the oxygen necessary for these creatures to survive. You can think of these gills as the shark's "lungs".

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