Sharks Free Coloring Pages to Print


Sharks coloring pages are pretty incredible among sea creatures. We have prepared sharks coloring pages for you, one of the most predatory fish species in the oceans. It is known that there are approximately 360 different species of sharks, which are one of the most predatory fish of the seas and oceans and find their habitat in the depths of the tropical waters, the ocean and the northern seas.

Sharks coloring pages (free printable)

We must have some colored pencils on hand when working with sharks coloring pages. These; green, blue, gray and brown. Now let's look at detailed information about sharks. You will be very surprised after we provide you with information on why sharks, which can sometimes even attack people today, carry out this action through our article. However, before we provide you with information about this detail, let us first provide information about the characteristics of these predatory fish species. Depending on their diet, these shark breeds, which number 360; They are divided into three groups as those that feed on free-swimming sea creatures, those that feed on sea creatures living on the bottom, and those that feed on plankton.

The main features of sharks are;

  • Sharks are not a single species, there are more than 465 species in total.
  • They are at the top of the predators in the marine food chain.
  • Their cartilage is quite flexible and has a light bony texture.
  • They breathe through 5-7 gill slits in both parts of their bodies.
  • One of the most distinctive features of sharks is the spontaneous renewal of their teeth in certain processes.
  • Therefore, the teeth that are displaced due to any impact are immediately replaced by new ones.
  • The skin of sharks is dark in color and the lower part of their skin is light in color. In this way, they can easily camouflage in the water and attack their prey without being seen.
  • One of the most distinctive features of sharks is that they can smell blood droplets tens of kilometers away. Their sense of smell is extraordinarily developed.
  • Sharks move very quickly, especially in the evening and at night. They are generally hunted during these processes.
  • One of the most distinctive features of sharks is that they usually live alone. They can only come together during the breeding season.
  • Hammer sharks, on the other hand, can only come together at mating time and move in flocks during this time.
  • The most aggressive type of sharks is the great white shark. It is known that the shark species that attacks humans is the great white shark.
  • The maturation processes in sharks are also quite slow.
  • Their life span is between 12 and 15 years.
  • Sharks must constantly move in the water in order to survive. Otherwise, they may face the danger of drowning and sinking.
  • It is known that the largest species of sharks is the whale shark. The average length of the whale shark is about 15 meters.

What Do Sharks Feed On?

The food products of sharks consist entirely of seafood. Sharks feed on marine animals such as all fish species, shellfish, mollusks, plankton, krill and marine mammals.

We have compiled for you some of the most well-known species of sharks, which number up to 360 and live in deep waters. 

Here are the most well-known shark species:

  • Drawhead Shark
  • Angel Shark
  • Bull Shark
  • Blue Shark
  • Great White Shark
  • Whale Shark
  • Tiger Shark
  • Frilled Shark
  • Lemon Shark
  • Mako Shark
  • Leopard Shark
  • Giant Mouth Shark
  • Big Crow
  • Nurse Shark
  • Megalodon Shark
  • Blacktip Reef Shark

The whale shark is the largest among the shark species of various sizes and weights. This species, which can reach 14 meters in length and 36 thousand kilograms in weight; It draws attention as the largest not only of sharks but also of all fish.

Aquarium Shark Species

Pengasus Shark

This species, which is a carnivorous shark species, should be housed in an aquarium with a minimum volume of 600 liters due to its size.

Lemon Shark

This shark, which reaches up to 240 centimeters in length, is kept in giant aquariums.

Crystal Shark

The average life span of this species, which is known to grow up to approximately 35 centimeters, is 10 years.

Frenatus Shark

It is recommended to keep this species up to 15 centimeters in size, as it is difficult to get along with other sharks.

Colombian Shark

This shark species, which can reach up to 1 meter in length, is a herbivorous creature and does not have an aggressive character.