Ice Cream With Unicorn coloring page

Ice Cream With Unicorn


The first written descriptions of the unicorn are attributed to Ctesias, who lived around 400 BC. Discover Ice Cream With Unicorn black and white image to print or download.


Unicorn coloring page is free to print for your development and education.

You can start a fun and educational work by printing out the Ice Cream With Unicorn black and white image. In the Achaemenid Empire, both II. Darius (424-404 BC) and II. Ctesias, a Greek physicist and historian who served under Artaxerxes (h. 404-358 BC); He wrote Indica, the first Greek book on India, Tibet, and the Himalayan regions. Although he had never been to that area before, he trusted the stories that travelers on the Silk Road told him. Indica has been read and quoted by many people.

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