Monkeys Free Coloring Pages to Print


Free printable Monkeys coloring pages for kids. We will also give very interesting information while we study the coloring pages on monkeys. Intelligent and active, these animals are also quite mischievous. Here, the choice of crayons will be important. Coloring pencil colors required for monkey coloring page; black, brown, yellow, orange and gray.

Monkeys coloring pages (free printable)

I hope you must have liked monkey coloring pages. Now I want to give you interesting information. What are the monkey races that can move by hanging from tree branches due to their long arms and legs? Monkeys, which have many different species, can range in size from 15 centimeters to 1 meter.

Monkey Breeds

It is known that there are more than 200 species of monkeys, whose history dates back 6 million years. These monkey races, whose number exceeds 200, are classified in two different groups as New World monkeys and Old World monkeys, depending on the geographies they live in. The group, whose habitat is South America and smaller than the Old World monkeys, was named New World monkeys, while the monkeys living in Africa and Asia were named Old World monkeys.

Monkey Traits

  • The characteristics of monkeys that generally choose places with tall and dense trees as their habitat and can survive in different geographies including forests, steppes and mountains can be listed as follows:
  • Thanks to their long arms and legs, they can move on the branches of trees and can climb trees very quickly.
  • They are distinguished from other animals by their intelligence and social skills.
  • There are monkey species with different sizes from 15 centimeters to 1 meter.
  • Monkeys have a life expectancy of between 10 and 50 years, being different species.
  • The characters of monkeys, which are quite entertaining at an early age, can change with the maturity period.
  • Monkeys, whose imitation skills are highly developed, can adapt to humans when properly trained.
  • While some monkey species feed on flowers, fruits and insects; some feed on reptiles, crabs and even different monkey species.
  • Although monkeys generally live in forest areas, there are also species that can live in steppes, deserts and even snowy mountains.

Same as human DNA!
The DNA of chimpanzees is 99 percent identical to that of humans. Chimpanzees use tools, have complex social hierarchies and relationships, and can learn sign language.

Monkey Species

Monkeys; They are divided into more than one species in terms of their sizes, feeding patterns and characteristics. The monkey species that stand out with their different characteristics are as follows:

Nose ape

This monkey species, which has a calm character and does not pose any danger to humans, is also a very good swimmer.

Dwarf Silk Monkey

This monkey, which is the smallest known monkey species, is very successful in jumping high despite its thin and small dimensions. Dwarf Silk monkeys, which can jump up to 5 meters, are around 15 centimeters in size.

Mandrill Monkey

This monkey species, which can be fed as both carnivores and herbivores, draws attention among animals that have adapted well to nature.

Rhesus monkey

This monkey species, which is a good swimmer, can live in forests and mountains up to 2500 meters. The omnivorous Indian gibbon is also a good climber.

Yellow Baboon

This species, which belongs to the family of primates and is very cute, got this name because of its color.

White Faced Sake

This monkey species, whose habitat is the forests of South America, mostly live in the treetops and are good climbers.

In addition to these, there are different monkey species such as the Dril Monkey, Lion Tailed Monkey, Black Back Tamarin, Macaque Monkey.

Largest Monkey Species

The largest monkey species are the Mandrill monkeys, with a length of up to 1 meter and a weight of up to 35 kilograms. This monkey species, which eats both carnivores and herbivores and lives in Africa, generally lives in the rainforests.

The Smallest Monkey Species

The smallest known monkey species is the Dwarf Silk monkey. Taking its name from its size, this monkey species is approximately 15 centimeters tall and lives in the rainforests of Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia.