Easter bunny running coloring page

Easter bunny running


You can have fun with the printable Easter bunny running coloring page for kids. Download and print these rabbit coloring sheet. Rabbits have tremendous jumping abilities thanks to their hind legs.

Easter bunny running

These hind legs, which allow them to get rid of their predators much faster in a danger, have achieved a lot of success in the Guinness World Records. For example, the highest rabbit jump to date is 3.26 feet high. The longest rabbit was able to jump 10 feet away. In fact, from time to time, such competitions can be held for rabbits. Easter is celebrated by all Christians. Apart from the rites commonly held in churches, there are also different traditions depending on the country where it is celebrated. The most common of these is when people give each other Easter bunnies and Easter eggs, usually made of chocolate.

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