Rabbits Free Coloring Pages to Print


Here we are with cute little bunnies coloring pages. We have divided the rabbit coloring page selection as easy, medium and hard. I hope you like our list. Rabbits are fairy-tale little animals that can live in most parts of the world. Kids love bunnies. Working with the rabbit coloring page is very easy. You are free to choose the color. The main colors can be colors such as gray, black, brown, pink, blue.

Rabbits coloring pages (Free and printable)

We have listed the rabbit coloring pages for you. Now I would like to give you interesting information about rabbits. Contrary to what is known, rabbits, which are not among the rodent class, can also be fed at home as pets because they attach importance to their cleanliness. Rabbits, which are in the mammal group and can be described as warm-blooded animals, have approximately 60 different species. These rabbit breeds, which number 60, consist of different rabbit species with weights ranging from 2 to 7 kilograms.

Rabbit Breeds and Varieties

When it comes to choosing a Rabbit breed, it's best to consider their personality, care and needs, and what you want them for. Are you after a pet or a show pet? In general, a long-haired rabbit breed is more demanding than its short-haired counterparts, and each Rabbit breed has its own unique mix of intelligence, temperament, grooming and needs, and social characteristics.

Our Rabbit Breeds list is a list of popular rabbit breeds. To learn more about what type of Rabbit breed might best suit you and your lifestyle, you will learn about rabbit breeds in this article.

American White Rabbit

The American Rabbit Breed was originally known as the 'German Blue Vienna Rabbit'. (They come in White and "Blue" color variants) This breed is a large sized rabbit known for their good temperament and mothering abilities. These Rabbits were originally bred for their fur and meat. The American White Rabbit is a popular breed that has appeared in many shows.

American Sable Rabbit

This large rabbit breed, named after the "Sable" color, has a docile nature and tends to spend most of the day sleeping. They enjoy spending time with other rabbits. While an American Sable Rabbit enjoys the company of its owner, it only does so on its own terms.

Angora Rabbit

Angora Rabbits have long, soft fur. Due to their beautiful fur, this breed is a very popular show pet. Angora Rabbit has many different sub-breeds including but not limited to; British, French, German, Chinese, Swiss, Finnish, Korean, Giant, Satin and St. Lucian Angora. Angora rabbits need very careful and thorough care. For these reasons, they are not suitable pets for children.

Belgian Rabbit

The Belgian Rabbit is a large domestic rabbit with an appearance very similar to that of a wild rabbit. This breed needs a different feeding and sheltering area than other domestic rabbit breeds. They are very energetic and need more space than most other species, so a larger habitat is required. This high maintenance intelligent rabbit breed is easily trainable and also easily startled. This breed is not suitable for children.

Beveren Rabbit

Beveran Rabbits are energetic, born explorers and make excellent mothers. The Baveren rabbit is clean and smart, but also has a good temperament. Given their size, these large rabbits are not suitable for keeping by small children. They need plenty of space to burn off their energies and explore their surroundings.

Blanc De Hotot Rabbit

This medium sized breed is white in color with a unique black outline around each eye. Blanc De Hotots have a very robust and active character that makes them a great pet for older children or adults. Named after the region in France where the breed was developed, these pals are also popular show animals.

California Rabbit

With its robust build and fine fur, the Californian (or Californian White) is a popular rabbit breed for both show and pet ownership. Named after their country of origin (California), these rabbits have a calm disposition and tend to be quite introverted. This oversized rabbit is best suited as a pet for older children or adults because given its weight and build, it can be difficult to transport.

Cashmere Lop Rabbit

The Cashmere Lop is a compact, medium-sized rabbit with a long, silky, dense fur. The 'Lop' part of their name refers to the shape of their ears. They have a thick skin and come in many color variations. These rabbits are suitable as pets for children over 5 years old, but they do need some grooming.

Dutch Rabbit

Dutch Rabbit, one of the most popular rabbit breeds in the world, has a very distinctive color pattern in its fur. This breed is very popular to keep as both show and pet as it is easy to train. A Dutch Rabbit generally has a relaxed and calm temperament which makes them a great pet. With their short coats, they require minimal maintenance and are suitable as pets for children aged 5-12 years.

Dwarf Lop/Mini Lop Rabbit

Dwarf Lop and Mini Lop Rabbit Breeds are very popular and their appearance and temperament are very similar. The term "lop" refers to their cute ears, which are very long and wide, hanging on either side of their heads and touching the ground. This is a trait shared by both sexes. These cute bunnies are easy and sturdy to hold. They get along well with other pets and children and are happy to be cuddled. This makes them perfect candidates to be a family pet. They need to be thoroughly brushed once a week and are the perfect size for older children or younger children under close supervision.

Dwarf Angora/Dwarf Angora

Friendly, calm, the Dwarf Angora would make a great family pet or a great show pet for children over 10 years old. This small sized rabbit loves to be a pet and is happy to be carefully cuddled. Dwarf Angora puppies should be brushed with their woolly coat several times a week, but once they are around 6-8 months old, their mature fur will grow back and will only need weekly brushing.

Dutch Lop Rabbit

This dwarf breed is a compact rabbit with long floppy (lobe) ears. It is popular both as a show pet and as a pet. Once grown, a Holland Lop is known for having good personalities and they are popular pets. These rabbits will generally have a friendly disposition (provided they have been socialized from a young age).

Rex Rabbit

The Rex Rabbit is a quiet, intelligent and low maintenance pet. This medium-sized, short-haired rabbit has very soft fur and has been described as having a "plush velvety" feel. Because their fur is very short, they do not need brushing as much as other breeds, but their nails should be trimmed regularly. Named after their curly mustache and eyebrows, these dudes are also available in a Mini Rex version – but the mini rex isn't quite as affectionate as the full-size Rex. Their temperament is described as playful and loud, and they sometimes bite. Males of this breed can become quite aggressive at mating age (you can solve this problem by sexing before 4 months of age). These bunnies are not suitable for children under 10 years old as extra care is required when handling them.

Dutch Dwarf Rabbit

The Dutch Dwarf is a smaller breed of rabbit and gets its name from its homeland (the Netherlands). This popular show bunny is very active and energetic. He has a gentle, friendly disposition. A Dutch Dwarf rabbit tends to be a little timid and nervous. They are easily startled and stressed, so they are not suitable for small children as pets.

French Lop Rabbit

This large breed of rabbit has long "lop" ears that hang from under their chins and soft, dense fur. They are gentle with children, with a relaxed and calm temperament. However, they are much more suitable for older children or adults as they are quite large and strong making them difficult to handle. When socialized at a young age, the French Lop Rabbit is known to be very gentle with children and tolerant of other rabbit breeds. As a large breed rabbit, they need more space in their habitat and exercise than a dwarf or mini rabbit breed.

Rabbits are warm-blooded animals in the mammal group. In order for rabbits to live a peaceful and happy life, they need to be extremely away from noise. Generally, their eyes are large and their front legs are shorter than their hind legs. Their tails are short, and their ears are long. Room temperature is an ideal environment for rabbits to live in. Rabbits have a lifespan of approximately 8 years.