Rabbit is very happy in nature coloring page

Rabbit is very happy in nature


We collect some of the cutest Rabbit is very happy in nature coloring pages for kids. Rabbit is one of the cutest animal in the whole world. Rabbits dig Warrens tunnels with each private room and sleep there.

Rabbit is very happy in nature

They make these tunnels themselves and have a rather complex structure. Tunnels have exits that allow rabbits to escape in case of danger, and some tunnels can reach up to 10 meters below the ground. Island rabbits are 35-45 cm in length and 2-2.5 kg in weight. The back and sides are reddish yellow, the abdomen and insides of the feet are white. It is a very timid animal. Sensing danger, he makes a murmuring cry and violently stamps his feet on the ground. They take shelter in tunnels they dig in soft soils. Their nests consist of complex tunnels.

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